I'm Fe, a speaker + strategist helping women service providers master money, skyrocket sales, + align their lives with purpose.


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I'm Felicia Kelly, but you can call me Fe! With 19 years of expertise in sales, personal development, and lifestyle strategy, I've earned the title of the go-to expert for empowering high-performing women in sales. My mission is to redefine success, helping these women seamlessly connect their personal and professional worlds.

Over the years, I've coached women worldwide, guiding them to lead multi-six and seven-figure organizations, cultivate thriving marriages, and fulfill their God-given purposes. Having experienced the highs and lows of building a successful online company, achieving my first million dollars, and authoring two impactful books, Proverbs & Profit®: 7 Keys to Building Kingdom Wealth and Cancel Your Clients™: How to Reject Mediocre Prospects & Command Excellence From Your Market, I've shifted my focus.

Now, as an influential speaker and strategist, my goal is to lead women in sales and organizations that hire them to master money management, find the superpower in selling, and activate unlimited abundance with a purpose-fueled lifestyle.



Navigating the arenas of financial management, confidently selling your services, and aligning your life and business can be frustrating, especially for women service providers in the online space. That's where I step in, offering a distinctive approach that addresses these issues simultaneously. For those aspiring to lead a purpose-fueled life of abundance, I focus on guiding you through three foundational challenges:

First and foremost, the struggle with money management is a common thread among many women who sell their services online. Enter the EIGHTxEIGHTEEN® Money System, a revolutionary approach that has empowered numerous women to construct personalized financial systems aligned with the lifestyles they aspire to lead. The tangible results speak volumes—over $300,000 in debt has been destroyed by my clients through the implementation of our straightforward yet powerful money management system.

Beyond financial hurdles, the second challenge lies in packaging services effectively. Many talented women in the service industry have exceptional skills but often find themselves lacking in sales strategy. Acknowledging this gap, my approach extends beyond financial management. Through the Cancel Your Clients™ methodology, I guide clients in crafting signature selling systems, enabling them to transition from aiming for $10,000 months to commanding $10,000 offers. It's not just about managing money; it's about making more by designing a selling strategy tailored to your goals.

Lastly, the constant struggle to balance work and personal life often leaves women feeling stretched thin. The Rich Black Woman Roadmap provides a clear guide to the journey ahead, addressing the challenge of mastering a schedule that brings peace to marriages, friendships, and allows time for self-care. My classes, courses, and coaching sessions are meticulously designed to bridge the gap between these three vital aspects—money management, service selling, and life-business alignment.

In essence, my mission is to empower women service providers not only to overcome these challenges but to thrive in every aspect of their lives. The holistic approach taken in my classes, courses, and coaching endeavors ensures that clients don't just master one element but achieve a harmonious fusion of financial success, impactful service selling, and a well-aligned life and business.

Join the community of women who have transformed their financial landscapes, elevated their selling strategies, and found a profound sense of balance. Together, we navigate the journey outlined in the Rich Black Woman Roadmap, paving the way for a future where your personal and professional realms seamlessly coexist. It's time to not just manage your money but to make it work for you, to not just sell services but to craft offerings that command what you're truly worth, and to not just exist but to thrive in a life and business that are authentically aligned.



Ready to shift your event or organization with a touch of transformation? Invite me to speak and unlock the potential of nearly 20 years of expert experience and strategic training sessions that will skyrocket you toward your goals. Specializing in delivering impactful talks and training, I offer a variety of compelling topics, including:

The EIGHTxEIGHTEEN® Money System: Bring me in to teach your audience how to master money management without the cookie-cutter, penny-pinching advice. Discover my simple 5-step process to pay off debt and make smart financial moves without sacrificing lifestyle.

Cancel Your Clients™: Is your sales team in need of a power boost? I'll equip them with my signature selling system, the same one that has propelled corporations to over 8 figures in sales and helped small enterprises increase their revenue by millions.

The RICH Method for Living: Uncover the secrets to realigning relationships for success and taking personal and professional life to new levels. Your audience will learn the keys to activating peace, joy, and abundance every day, leaving them inspired and empowered.

Don't see your desired topic on the list? No worries! Reach out to my team, and together, we'll craft a presentation tailored to your organization's unique needs and goals. Prepare to inspire, educate, and motivate your audience. Book me today, and let's transform your event into an unforgettable success!